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Abby Lee. Accelerants, The. Adi Dick. Adults, The. Ahoribuzz. Albi & The Wolves. Alex Farrell-Davey. Alex Smart. Alexander Wildwood. All Star Cast. All The Colours. Amber Claire. Amiria Grenell. Andrew Brough. Andrew Keoghan. Anika Moa. Anna Coddington. Annabel Fay. Annie Crummer. Anthonie Tonnon. Aske, Ed Waaka. Augustino. Autozamm. Avalanche City. Awa, Crsb. Babysitters Circus, The. Bakers Eddy. Barker. Barry Conrad. Batucada Sound Machine. Beach Pegs. Beau Monga. Ben Mollison. Ben Prestidge. Benny Tipene. Billy TK Jr. Black Seeds, The. Blacklistt. Bolbox Rex. Boy Wulf. Boycrush, Madeira, Yumi Zouma. Brian Platt. Brooke Duff. Brooke Fraser. Bulletproof, Tali. Cairo Knife Fight. Cavalcade. Cavell. Chambres. Charlie Ash. Chazz Valentine. Che Fu. Checks, The. Chelsea Jade. Chris Cope. Clap Clap Riot. Clara Van Wel. Clicks. Coco Solid, Boston Rodriguez, Matron. Computers Want Me Dead. Cool Rainbows. Cymbol 303, This Pale Fire. Cyphanetik. DLT, The Rascalz. Dam Native. Dane Rumble. Datsuns, The. Dave Dobbyn. David Dallas. Deach. Dean Chandler. Decades. Dei Hamo. Dei Hamo, Chong Nee. Deja Voodoo. Delaney Davidson, Marlon Williams. Delete Delete. Denelle. Departure Club & Sam Allen, The. Derty Sesh, Donell Lewis. Diaz Grimm. Donell Lewis, Fortafy. Doprah. Downtown Brown. Dukes. Earlybirds, The. Eb & Sparrow. Eden. Eden Mulholland. Ekko Park. El Jay Hall. Electric Wire Hustle, Deva Mahal. Electric Wire Hustle, Kimbra. Emily Rice. Emilys, The. Erakah. Essential Tremor, The. Esther Stephens & The Means. Eyreton Hall. Ezra Vine. Family Cactus. Fanatics, The. Fat Freddy's Drop. Fazerdaze. Feelers, The. Fiona McDonald. Forty Eight May. Fou Nature. Four Corners. Fungi. Gala. Galaxies. Gap 5. Garageland. Gareth Thomas. Georgia Lines. Gin Wigmore. Gin Wigmore, Suffa, Logic. Ginny Blackmore. Gladius, Ryan Enzed. Glass Vaults. Goldenhorse. Goodnight Nurse. Goodshirt. Graham Panther. Grand Rapids. Ha The Unclear. Haylee Fisher. Headchef. Helen Corry. I Am Giant. Ill Semantics, Devolo. Imagine This, Gemma Copas. Impending Adorations, The. Introverted Dancefloor. Israel Starr. Ivy Lies. J Williams, Brooke Duff. JGeek & The Geeks. Jackie Thomas. Jae'O. Jamie McDell. Jamie McDell, Rai Thistlethwayte. Jan Hellriegel. Janine & The Mixtape. Jason Kerrison. Jeremy Redmore. Jody Direen. Joe's Van. Jonathan Bree. Joseph & Maia. Julia Deans. Junica. Jupiter Pro, P-Money, Young Tapz, Epic. Jupiter Project. K.One, P-Money. K.One, Pieter T. K.One, Sam Allen. Kane Strong. Katchafire. Kidz In Space. Kimbra. Kinetic. King Cannons. Kitset. Knives At Noon. Koti. Kurisu. L40. Ladi6. Lake South, Nadia Reid. Larzranda. Late Nyte Hype. Lawrence Arabia. Leers, The. Leonard Charles, Ruby Walsh. Libres, The. Lisa Crawley. Little Bark. Lizzie Cook. Lizzie Marvelly. Louis Baker. Luke Thompson. Lydia Cole. Maala. Mae Valley. Males. Manalion. Map Room, The. Marley Sola. Marystaple. Massad. Matthias Jordan. Maya Payne. Mayavanya, Tali. Mel Parsons. Midnight Gallery. Midnight Youth. Mikey Mayz, Sid Diamond. Minuit. Modern Chair. Moofish. Moorhouse. Mulholland. Naked & Famous, The. Natalie Te Paa, Cam Dawson. Nathan Haines. Nathan Haines, Kevin Mark Trail. Neil Finn. Neo-Kalashnikovs, The. Nesian Mystik. Nick Raven. Nomad. Nudge, The. Oakley Grenell, Mark Vanilau, Kpz. Omelcha Supreme. Ophelia. Opiuo. Opshop. Orchestra Of Spheres. PCP Eagles. Pacific Heights. Paper Cranes. Paquin. Phoenix Foundation, The. Pine. Plum. Princess Chelsea. Rei. Rezist. Ria, Jagarizzar. Ridlah. Riley Richards. Rive. Rob Vegas. Rosie, Giant K.. Rubicon. Ruby Frost. SJD. Salmonella Dub. Salvi Stone. Sam Hansen. Sam Hansen, Awa. Sam Hansen, Rokske. Sam V. Sam Verlinden. Sammy J. School For Birds. Scribe. Setting Fire To Stacey. Shakes. Shapeshifter vs The Upbeats. Shayna King. She's So Rad. Shihad. Sid Diamond, Mikey Mayz. Silence The City. Simon Spire. Sir T, TJ Ra. Six60. Six60, Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. Sons Of Zion. Soulful 7. Sound The Ocean. Spacifica. Stan Walker. Stellar. Strange Babes. Strawpeople. Streets Of Laredo. Stylus. Superette. Suren Unka & Gala. Suren Unka, Dahnu Graham. Surf Friends. Sweet Mix Kids, Iva Lamkum. Tahuna Breaks. Tali. Tami Neilson. Tami Neilson, Marlon Williams. Thomas Oliver. Tiki Taane. Tiny Ruins. Titanium. Titanium, Jazze Pha. Tomorrow People. Tongue & Groove. Toni Huata. Trick Mammoth. Trinity Roots. Tutts, The. Twin Cities. Two am Orchestra. Tyna. Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Veils, The. Villainy. Vince Harder. WBC, The. Weird Together. Whistle Jacket. White Birds & Lemons. Willy Moon. Yoko-Zuna, Bailey Wiley. Young Lyre. Young Sid, Bradd Marquis. Yumi Zouma. Zowie.

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