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A Bit Nigel   Adeaze   Adults, The   Ahoribuzz   Alexander Wildwood   All My Brothers   All Star Cast   All The Colours   Alphrisk, Adeaze   Amber Claire   Andrew Keoghan   Anika Moa   Anna Coddington   Anna Wilson   Annabel Fay   Annah Mac   Arms Reach   Artisan Guns   Ashei   Audio Empire   Autozamm   Avalanche City   Awa   Awa, Anuhea   Awa, Pieter T   Awa, Tyson Tyler   Babylon Riddim   Bads, The   Bannerman   Batucada Sound Machine   Beach Pegs   Beatcamp, K.One   Before Friday   Ben Prestidge   Benny Tipene   Bic Runga   Black River Drive   Black Seeds, The   Blacklistt   Blue Blood   Borderline, Bailey Wiley   Brooke Duff   Brooke Fraser   Brunettes, The   Bryan Bell   Bulletproof, Tali   Cairo Knife Fight   Campbell   Cavell   Chelsea Jade   City Newton Bombers   City Oh Sigh   Clap Clap Riot   Clara Van Wel   Cobra Khan   Cocoa Jackson Lane   Computers Want Me Dead   Concord Dawn   Concord Dawn, Tali   Concord Dawn, Thomas Oliver   Cool Rainbows   Cut Off Your Hands   Daecolm   Damien Binder   Dan Aux, Faster Than Light, Ed Waaka   Datsuns, The   David Dallas   Ddub   Deach   Deach, Donell Lewis   Deach, Pieter T   Dei Hamo, Chong Nee   Deja Voodoo   Delete Delete   Diamond Field, Nina Yasmineh   Dick Johnson, Boh Runga, Tiki Taane   Dictaphone Blues   Die! Die! Die!   Djcxl, K.One, Sam Hansen   Don McGlashan & The Seven Sisters   Doqument, David Dallas   Earthworm   Easy Hearts, The   Eddie Numbers   Eden   Eden Mulholland   Edwin Derricutt   Elston Gun   Emilys, The   Ethical, Daniel Merriweather   Eversons, The   Exiles, The   Ezra Vine   FTS, The Horsemen Family   Falter   Family Cactus   Fat Freddy's Drop   Feelers, The   Fire At Will   Five Mile Town   Flip Grater   French For Rabbits   Georgia Lines   Ginny Blackmore   Ginny Blackmore, Stan Walker   Go Stop Go   Goldenhorse   Good Fun, The   Goodshirt   Grand Rapids   Greg Johnson   Headchef   Heart Of Katherine, The   Heavy Jones Trio   Helen Corry   Hollie Smith   Hurricane Kids   Hypnotics, The   I Am Giant   Imagine This   Imagine This, Gemma Copas   Impending Adorations, The   J Williams   J Williams, Lavina Williams   Jackie Thomas   Jae'O   Jamie McDell   Jan Hellriegel   Janine & The Mixtape   Jason Eli, Sharlene Hector   Jason Kerrison   Jayson Norris   Jennifer Says   Jeremy Redmore   Jesse Sheehan   Jetski Safari, Helen Corry   Jonathan Bree   Joseph & Maia   Josh Leys   Jules Issa   Junica   Junica, Pip Brown   Jupiter Project   Jupiter Project, Jetski Safari, Helen C.   Jury & The Saints   K.One   K.One, Brooke Duff   K.One, Pieter T   Kane Strong   Katchafire   Katie Thompson   Kids Of 88   Kidz In Space   Kimbra   King Kapisi   Kings, General Lee   Kingston   Kittens Of The Internet   L.A. Mitchell   Ladi6   Lakes   Lane South   Late Night Poets   Late Nyte Hype   Latin Aotearoa   Laura Hunter   Liam Finn   Libeau   Lightning Bells   Like You Crazy   Lisa Crawley   Little Bark   Little Lapin   Lizzie Marvelly   Louis Baker   Luger Boa   Lydia Cole   MC Mas   Ma-V-Elle   Majic   Map Room, The   Massad   Maya Payne   Mayavanya, Mars   Mayavanya, P-Money, Kalenna Zanders   Megan Sidwell   Midnight Gallery   Mighty Scoop   Minuit   Miriam Clancy   Moorhouse   Mulholland   Naked & Famous, The   Nathan Haines   Nathan King   Neo-Kalashnikovs, The   Nick Raven   No Problemos, The   November Zulu   Oakley Grenell, Stauny Pops, JDouble   One Man Bannister   Opensouls   Opensouls, Ladi6   Opposite Sex   Opshop   Orchestra Of Spheres   P-Money, Vince Harder   Paper Plane   Paquin   Phil Stoodley   Phoenix Foundation, The   Pieter T   Please Please   Popstrangers   Princess Chelsea   Rabble, The   Racing   Reb Fountain   Ria   Ria, Spawnbreezie   Rickshaws, The   River Jesters, The   Ruby Frost   Sam Hansen   Sam V   Sami Sisters, The   Sarah Brown   School For Birds   Scribe, Tyra Hammond   Shapeshifter   Shapeshifter, Ladi6   She's So Rad   Sherpa   Shihad   Shocking Pinks, The   Shotgun Alley   Sid Diamond   Sir T, Derty Sesh, Ashley Hughes   Sleepy Age   Smashproof, Get Well   Sola Rosa   Sola Rosa, Kevin Mark Trail   Soljah   Sons Of Zion   Sons Of Zion, Pieter T   Sound The Ocean   Spa   Split Enz   Spycc   Stan Walker   Stellar   Steriogram   Steve Cook   Strange Babes   Strawpeople   Streets Of Laredo   Stylus   Sun & The Wolf   Supermodel   Supervillains RMC   Surf Friends   Tadpole   Tahuna Breaks   Tama Waipara   Taste Nasa   Taye Williams   These Four Walls   Thom Cross   Tiki Taane   Tiki, Sambora   Tim Finn   Tiny Ruins   Titanium   Tomorrow People   Toni Huata   Tourist   Trei, Thomas Oliver   Tribe, The   Trip Pony, Jaykin   Tutts, The   Twin Cities   Tyra Hammond   Tyson Tyler, J Williams   Unknown Mortal Orchestra   Urbantramper   Velvet Regime, The   Vince Harder   Vince Harder, J Williams, K.One   Vince Harder, Moorhouse   WBC, The   Weird Together   Whistle Jacket   Willy Moon   Young Sid, Stan Walker   Zowie

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