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A Bit Nigel. Aaradhna. Aaria. Accelerants, The. Adi Dick. Adults, The. Aerial. Ahorangi, Sidney Diamond. Ahoribuzz. Airspace. Alexander Wildwood. Andrew Mockler. Anika Moa. Anika Moa, Boh Runga, Hollie Smith. Anna Coddington. Annabel Fay. Anthonie Tonnon. Artisan Guns. Ash Graham. Ashei. Autozamm. Avalanche City. Awa, Crsb. Babysitters Circus, The. Baitercell & Kevin Mark Trail. Barker. Batucada Sound Machine. Beach Pegs. Beau Monga. Benny Tipene. Bernie Griffen & The Grifters. Bic Runga. Black City Lights. Black Dahlias, The. Black River Drive. Black Seeds, The. Blacklistt. Bleeders. Borderline, Bailey Wiley. Boy Wulf. Breaks Co-op. Bulletproof, Tali. Bunnies On Ponies. Cairo Knife Fight. Campbell. Cavalcade. Cavell. Charlie Ash. Charlotte Yates. Checks, The. Chelsea Jade. Ciaran McMeeken. Clap Clap Riot. Clara Van Wel. Cobra Khan. Cocoa Jackson Lane. Computers Want Me Dead. Concord Dawn, Tali. Concord Dawn, Thomas Oliver. Cymbol 303, This Pale Fire. D-Super. D4, The. Dan Aux, Faster Than Light, Ed Waaka. Dan Aux, Randa. Dave Dobbyn. David Dallas. Deach. Deach, Donell Lewis. Deach, Pieter T. Debris. Deceptikonz, David Dallas. Dei Hamo. Deja Voodoo. Delete Delete. Denelle. Departure Club & Sam Allen, The. Diamond Field, Nina Yasmineh. Die! Die! Die!. Dimmer. Djcxl, K.One, Sam Hansen. Donell Lewis. Doqument, David Dallas. Drew. Dukes. Dulciana, Little Lapin. Earlybirds, The. Easy Hearts, The. Eddie Numbers. Eden. Eden Mulholland. Electric Confectionaires, The. Elemeno P. Estere. Eversons, The. Eyreton Hall. Ezra Vine. False Start. Farmer Pimp. Faster Pussycat. Fat Freddy's Drop. Fazerdaze. Feelers, The. Fifty Hertz, Ladi6. Five A, Abby Lee. Five Mile Town. Fou Nature. Fungi. Fur Patrol. Gabardines, The. Gala. Gap 5. Gin Wigmore. Ginny Blackmore, Stan Walker. Gladius, Ryan Enzed. Glass Vaults. Goldenhorse. Grand Rapids. Greg Johnson. Hammond Gamble. Harry Parsons. Haylee Fisher. Hayley Westenra. Headchef. Headless Chickens. Helen Corry. Hern. Hurricane Kids. Husk. I Am Giant. Ill Semantics, Scribe, K.One. Imagine This. Imagine This, Gemma Copas. Impending Adorations, The. Indicator Dogs. Iva Lamkum. J Williams. JGeek & The Geeks. Jackie Thomas. Jae'O. Jamie McDell. Jamie McDell, Rai Thistlethwayte. Jan Hellriegel. Janine & The Mixtape. Jason Kerrison. Jayson Norris, Tiki Taane, Cocoa Jackson. Jeremy Redmore. Jesse Sheehan. Jody Direen. Jonathan Bree. Joseph & Maia. Josh Leys. Junica. Jupiter Project. Jupiter Project & Friends. Jupiter Project, Jetski Safari, Helen C.. K.One. K.One, P-Money. K.One, Pieter T. Kane Strong. Katchafire. Katie Thompson. Kids Of 88. Kidz In Space. Kimbra. Kindred. King Kapisi. King Kapisi, Rakaa Iriscience, Dilated. Kings, General Lee. Kingston. Kitsch. Knives At Noon. L.A. Mitchell. L40. Ladi6. Ladyhawke. Lakes. Lapelles, The. Lawrence Arabia. Lee Tui. Leonard Charles. Libres, The. Lightning Bells. Lightning On Me. Like A Storm. Lindon Puffin. Lips. Lisa Crawley. Little Lapin. Lizzie Marvelly. Lucid 3. Luger Boa. Luke Thompson. Majic. Make Believe, The. Manalion. Marlon Williams. Massad. Matt Joe Gow & The Dead Leaves. Matthias Jordan. Maya Payne. Mayavanya, Mars. Megan Sidwell. Mel Parsons. Melaanie. Midnight Gallery. Minuit. Miriam Clancy. Misfits Of Science. Mulholland. Naked & Famous, The. Nathan Haines. Neo-Kalashnikovs, The. New Reptiles. Nick Raven. Nineteen Ninety Five. No Problemos, The. Nudge, The. Nyssa Collins. Oakley Grenell, Stauny Pops, Kpz. One Man Bannister. Ophelia. Opiuo. Opshop. Paper Cranes. Paper Plane. Parallel Dance Ensemble. Parka. Parka Brown. Pete Fountain. Phoenix Foundation, The. Pieter T. Pine. Please Please. Pluto. Rei. Reinalda. Response, The. Rive. Rosie, Giant K.. Ruby Frost. SJD. Sam Verlinden. Sami Sisters, The. Sara-Jane Auva'a. Shayna King. She's So Rad. She's So Rad & Friends. Shihad. Shunkan. Sid Diamond. Silence The City. Sina. Sir T, Derty Sesh, Ashley Hughes. Slim. Smashproof. Smashproof, Pieter T. Sneaks, The. Soljah. Sons Of Zion. Soul Harvest. Sound The Ocean. Splitter. Steriogram. Strange Babes. Strawpeople. Sun & The Wolf. Supermodel. Suren Unka, Dahnu Graham. Swamp Thing. Sweet & Irie. Sweet Mix Kids, Helen Corry. Swiss. T54. TY. Tadpole. Tahuna Breaks. Tami Neilson. Tangled. Taste Nasa. Taye Williams, Drew, Tyree. Thom Cross. Tiki Taane. Tipene, Teva Valentine. Titanium. Tomorrow People. Trick Mammoth. Trinity Roots. Trip Pony, Jaykin. Twin Cities. Two am Orchestra. Tyra Hammond. Tyree. Tyree, Jae'O. Uncle Monkey. Velvet Regime, The. Verse Two. Vince Harder, J Williams, K.One. Von Voin Strum. Whistle Jacket. Willy Moon. Young Lyre. Yumi Zouma. Zed.

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