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Aaria. Abby Lee. Adults, The. After 'Ours, Matt Nanai. Alae. Amiria Grenell. Ammp. Anna Coddington. Armed In Advance. Asti-Loren. Aurenda. Autozamm. Awa. Bakers Eddy. Balu Brigada. Bark Land. Battle Circus. Baynk. Beach Pegs. Beeches. Benny Tipene. Benny's Videos. Bespin. Bic Runga. Black River Drive. Black Seeds, The. Bokeh. Breaks Co-op. Brentwood. Brooke Duff. Brooke Fraser. Chambres. Chasing April, Zu. Chelsea Jade. Cheshire Grimm. Chores. Chris Cope. Chris Hurn. Ciaran McMeeken. City Of Souls. Clap Clap Riot. Clicks. Cliff Hedley. Cole Johnston. Concord Dawn. Concord Dawn, Thomas Oliver. Cut Off Your Hands. Dan Aux, Randa. Dane Rumble. Datsuns, The. Dave Weir. Ddub. Dead Favours. Decades. Deceptikonz, Adeaze. Decortica. Deja Voodoo. Dictaphone Blues. Die! Die! Die!. Dimmer. Djcxl, Sabre. Doe Hadfield. Don't Die Wishing. Doprah. Drax Project. Dunes. Earlybirds, The. Earth Tiger. Eb & Sparrow. Ekko Park. El Jay Hall. Electric Confectionaires, The. Electric Wire Hustle. Elemeno P. Emilys, The. Estere. Eva Prowse. Fast Crew. Fazerdaze. Feelers, The. Fire At Will. Five Star Fallout. Fly My Pretties. Fungi. Gareth Thomas. Giantkilla. Gin Wigmore, Suffa, Logic. Gladius, Ryan Enzed. Glass Owls. Glass Vaults. Graeme James. Grayson Gilmour. Great Danes. Great Danes, Kimbra. Greg Johnson. Harry Parsons. Hayley Westenra. Hollie Smith. Honey. I Am Giant. Ihi. Imagine This. Imagine This, Cherie Mathieson. Impending Adorations, The. Indi. Iris G. JGeek & The Geeks. Jackie Thomas. Jae'O. Janine & The Mixtape. Jeremy Redmore. Jester. Jody Direen. Jolyon Petch, Mind Electric, Kings. Jonathan Bree. Jordi Webber. Joseph & Maia. Josh Leys. Josie Moon. Junica. Jupiter Project & Daniel Richard. Jupiter Project vs Adam Trigger. Juse. Kadington, Esther Sparkes. Kadington, Thomas Oliver. Kamandi. Kaylee Bell. Kids Of 88. Kinetic. King Cannons. Kings. Kitsch. Kittens Of The Internet. Kong Fooey, Maitreya, Topaz, David Hasl.. Koti. Kurisu. Kylie Price. LA Women. Ladi6. Ladyhawke. Lake South. Lanu. Lapelles, The. Lawrence Arabia. Lee Tui. Levi Patel, Suren Unka. Like A Storm. Lisa Crawley. Little Oceans. Lord Echo, Mara Tk. Louis Baker. Lucid 3. Lydia Cole. Maala. Mae Valley. Manalion. Map Room, The. Mary & Buzz. Massad. Matt Saunoa. Max Key. Maya Payne. Merk. Mermaidens. Micronism. Midnight Gallery. Midnight Youth. Mikey Mayz. Miloux. Mitch James. Modern Chair. Motocade. Mulholland. My Life Story. Nadia Reid. Naked & Famous, The. Nakita. Name Ul. Nathan Haines. Netherworld Dancing Toys. Nik Carlson. Nine To Fivers, Tyra Hammond. Nomad. October. Omelcha Supreme. Oneill Twins, The. Openside. Opshop. Over The Atlantic. Pacific Heights, Deanne Krieg. Pacific Heights, Louis Baker. Paper Cranes. Paquin. Paul McLaney, Esther Stephens, Laughton. Pause Applause. Pine. Plastic. Popstrangers. Princess Chelsea. Rei. Reinalda. Response, The. Revolver. Ria Hall. Ria Hall, Che Fu. Rival State. Rob Vegas. Ruby Suns, The. Ryan Enzed, JW. Ryan Enzed, Sahara Skye. SJD. Sacha Vee. Sachi. Sachi, Duckwrth. Sachi, Moonzz. Sam Hansen. Sam Hansen, Awa. Sam V X Edy. Sarah Brown. Scarfe, Vi Ne. School For Birds. Shakes. Shapeshifter vs The Upbeats. Shayne P Carter. Shihad. Shotgun Alley. Sid Diamond, P-Money. Silence The City. Six60. Skelter. Sleepy Age. Slim. Smashproof, Pieter T. So Below. Sola Rosa, Kevin Mark Trail. Solaa, Hollie Smith. Sons Of Sofa. Sons Of Zion. Space Above. Spacifix. Spycc, David Dallas. Stan Walker. Starlett. Stellar. Streets Of Laredo. Sweet Mix Kids, Vince Harder. System Corporation. Tablefox. Tali. Tali, Kings. Tasha. Taste Nasa. Terrible Sons. Tessa McDell, Kings. Thee Rum Coves. Theia. Three Houses Down. Tiki Taane. Titanium. Tourist. Two am Orchestra. Tyree. Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Veils, The. Villainy. Vince Harder, Ryan Enzed. WBC, The. Wallace. Weird Together. Willy Moon. Young Lyre. Yulia. Yumi Zouma. Zed.

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