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Aaradhna. Aaria. Aka Zero. Alayna. Amber Claire. Amiria Grenell. Anika Moa. Annabel Fay. Artisan Guns. Autozamm. Avalanche City. Awa. Beach Pigs. Beachware. Beeches. Before Friday. Ben Novak. Betchadupa. Bic Runga. Black Dahlias, The. Black River Drive. Black Seeds, The. Bleeders. Boh Runga, Carly Binding. Bokeh. Brentwood. Britt Rion. Brooke Fraser. Bruce Conlon. Brunettes, The. Bryan Bell. Bury Me Low. Cairo Knife Fight. Campbell. Chambres. Charlie Ash. Charlotte Yates. Checks, The. Chelsea Jade. Chong Nee. Chores. Chores, Abby Wolfe. Chris Cope. Ciaran McMeeken. City Of Souls. Clap Clap Riot. Clicks. Coach. Cobra Khan. Collapsing Cities. Crowded House. Damien Binder. Dane Rumble. Dave Dobbyn. Deach. Deach, Donell Lewis. Deach, Pleasure P. Death & The Maiden. Decades. Denel, Denelle Bhagwandhin. Devilskin. Dictaphone Blues. Dimmer. Doe Hadfield. Don McGlashan. Donald Reid. Donell Lewis. Doprah. Dual. Dukes. Dunes. Earlybirds, The. Earth Tiger. Ekko Park. Electric Confectionaires, The. Electric Wire Hustle, Kimbra. Elemeno P. Elly. Estere. Evening Is Youth. Evermore. Eversons, The. Exiles, The. Eye Tv. False Start. Falter. Fat Freddy's Drop. Feelers, The. Finn Brothers, The. Fiona McDonald. Five A. Flip Grater. Forty Eight May. Four Corners. French For Rabbits. Friends From Sweden. Frills. Frontline. Fur Patrol. Gap 5. Garageland. Gareth Thomas. Gasoline Cowboy. Gemma Copas. George. Giantkilla. Ginny Blackmore. Gladius, Ryan Enzed. Goldenhorse. Good Fun, The. Goodnight Nurse. Goodshirt. Great Danes. Greg Johnson. Ha The Unclear. Harry Parsons. Haylee Fisher. Heavy Jones Trio. Helen Corry. Hollie Smith. House Of Shem. Husk. Illbaz, Melodownz, Raiza Biza, High H.... Impending Adorations, The. Introverted Dancefloor. Israel Starr, Majic. Ivy Lies. J Williams, Brooke Duff. J Williams, K.One. Jan Hellriegel. Jason Eli Imagine This Cherie Mathieson. Jolyon Petch, Mind Electric, Kings. Jonny Love. Jordi Webber. Joseph & Maia. Josh Leys. Josh Mac. Julia Deans. Junica. Jupiter Pro, P-Money, Young Tapz, Epic. Juse. K'Lee. K.One, Jason Kerrison. K.One, P-Money. Kadington, Thomas Oliver. Karen Romana. Katchafire. Kaylee Bell. Kids Of 88. Kidz In Space. Kimbra. Kings. Kurisu. L.A. Mitchell. Ladi6. Ladyhawke. Lake South. Lawrence Arabia. Leers, The. Levi Patel, Suren Unka. Liam Finn. Lightning On Me. Like A Storm. Lindon Puffin. Lisa Crawley. Lizzie Cook. Lizzie Marvelly. Lord Echo, Mara Tk. Lost Tribe Aotearoa. Louis Baker. Lydia Cole. Maala. Madison Press, The. Mae Valley. Mahinarangi Tocker, Charlotte Yates. Maitreya. Manalion. Map Room, The. Mareko, Deceptikonz. Marley Sola. Massad. Maya Payne. Mayavanya, P-Money, Kalenna Zanders. Merk. Michael Murphy. Midge Marsden. Midnight Gallery. Midnight Youth. Mighty Scoop. Mikey Mayz, Darius King. Miniatures. Minuit. Miriam Clancy. Mitch James. Modern Chair. Module. Moorhouse. Motocade. Mozelee. Mr Boinkin & The Kernel MC. Mt Raskill, Hollie Smith. Mutton Birds, The. Myele Manzanza. Naked & Famous, The. Natalie Elms. Nathan Haines. Nathan Imboden. Neil Finn. Neo-Kalashnikovs, The. Nesian Mystik. Nesian Mystik, Scribe. New Freedom, The. Nomad. OMC. Oakley Grenell, Mark Vanilau, Kpz. Olivia Foa'i. Openside. Opshop. P-Money, Four Corners, Scribe. P-Money, Sam Hansen, Con Psy, Skillz. P-Money, Vince Harder. Pacific Heights, Louis Baker. Paper Cranes. Paquin. Parallel Dance Ensemble. Paul McLaney, Esther Stephens, Laughton. Pete Fountain, Jeremy. Phoenix Foundation, The. Physical. Pieter T, K.One. Pieter T, Sid Diamond. Pistol Youth. Plum. Plymouth. Princess Chelsea. Racing. Recommended Dosage, Jverse. Rei. Rei, Lij. Response, The. Reveals, The. Revolver. Rival State. Rousseau. Ruby Suns, The. Ryan Enzed, Sahara Skye. Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns. Sachi, Moonzz. Sal Valentine. Salmonella Dub. Sam Hansen. Sam V. Sammy Johnson. Sandy Mill. Savage. Savage, Ria Hall. School For Birds. Scribe, Tyra Hammond. Seth Haapu. Shakes. Shapeshifter. Sharnar. Shayne P Carter. Sherpa. Six60. Skinny Hobos. Skux. Smashproof, Gin Wigmore. Smoothy. So Below. Sola Rosa, Noah Slee. Sonatane Kaufusi. Sons Of Sofa. Sons Of Zion. Sons Of Zion, Slip-On Stereo. Sound The Ocean. Space Above. Spring Break. Spycc, David Dallas. Stan Walker. Stellar. Strawpeople. Stylus 77. Surf Friends. Sweet & Irie. System Corporation. Tahuna Breaks. Tali. Taye Williams. Theia. Threat Meet Protocol. Tiki Taane. Tiki Taane, Salmonella Dub. Tim Beveridge. Tim Finn. Titanium. Titanium, Jazze Pha. Tom Young. Tommy Nee. Tourist. Tutts, The. UMO, Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Unchained XL, Jess B, Nuel Nonso. Veils, The. Vince Harder, K.One. Vince Harder, Ryan Enzed. Vince Harder, Sam Hansen, Tyson Tyler. WBC, The. Watson. Weird Together. Weta. Willy Moon. Yoko-Zuna. Young Lyre. Yumi Zouma.