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AL. Aaradhna. Abbie. Accelerants, The. Adeaze. Adi Dick. After 'Ours, Matt Nanai. Amber Claire. Amiria Grenell. Anika Moa. Anika Moa, Boh Runga, Hollie Smith. Anji Sami. Annabel Fay. Armed In Advance. Artisan Guns. Ashei. Asti-Loren. Augustino. Autozamm. Avalanche City. Awa, House Of Shem. Babysitters Circus, The. Badd Energy. Bads, The. Bank Land. Baynk. Beau Monga. Beeches. Benny Tipene. Bic Runga. Black City Lights. Black River Drive. Black Seeds, The. Blindspott. Bokeh. Bolbox Rex. Breaks Co-op. Brett Sawyer. Brooke Duff. Brooke Fraser. Cairo Knife Fight. Carly Binding. Cavalcade. Chasing April, Zu. Checks, The. Chloe Bartlett. Chong Nee. Chores, Omega Levine. Ciaran McMeeken. City Newton Bombers. Clap Clap Riot. Clara Van Wel. Cobra Khan. Cocoa Jackson Lane. Concord Dawn. Concord Dawn, Tali. Cool Rainbows. Cut Off Your Hands. Cyphanetik. D2S. Daniel Bedingfield. Datsuns, The. Ddub. Dean Chandler. Dear Time's Waste. Deja Voodoo. Detour. Diaz Grimm. Dictaphone Blues. Die! Die! Die!. Dimmer. Don't Die Wishing. Donell Lewis, Fortafy. Doprah. Drax Project. Dub Asylum. Dunes. Earth Tiger. Eddie Numbers. Eden. Eden Mulholland. Ejector. Ekko Park. El Hula. El Jay Hall. Electric Confectionaires, The. Elly. Elly, Vince Harder. Ermehn, Sam Hansen, Paul Bob. Estere. Esther Stephens & The Means. Evermore. Eversons, The. False Start. Family Cactus. Faster Pussycat. Feelers, The. Fifty Hertz, Ladi6. Fiona Pears. Five Star Fallout. Flight Of The Conchords. Foamy Ed. Forty Eight May. Frontline. Fungi. Gareth Thomas. Gemma Copas. Ghostplane. Gin Wigmore. Ginny Blackmore. Goldenhorse. Goodnight Nurse. Goon. Graeme James. Graham Brazier. Gramsci. Grand Prix. Grayson Gilmour. Greg Fleming, The Trains. Greg Johnson. Have, The. Hayley Westenra. Heart Of Katherine, The. Hollie Smith. Honey. Hot Club Sandwich. Hurricane Kids. Hypnotics, The. I Am Giant. Imagine This. Imagine This, Cherie Mathieson. Israel Starr, Majic. Iva Lamkum, P-Money. Jackie Bristow. Jackie Bristow, Jason Kerrison. Jason Eli Imagine This Cherie Mathieson. Jeremy Redmore. Jess Harlen. Jesse Sheehan. Jolyon Petch, Mind Electric, Kings. Jonathan Bree. Joseph & Maia. Josh Leys. Joshna. Julia Deans. Junica. Jupiter Project. K'Lee. K.One. Kadington, Esther Sparkes. Kadington, Thomas Oliver. Katchafire. Katie Thompson. Kaylee Bell. Kids Of 88. Kidz In Space. Kinetic. King Kapisi. Kings, General Lee. Kitsch. Knives At Noon. Kora. L.A.B. Ladi6. Ladyhawke. Lake South, Nadia Reid. Lakes. Late Nyte Hype. Lee Tui. Like A Storm. Lindon Puffin. Lisa Crawley. Little Bark. Lizzie Marvelly. Lole. Lord Echo, Mara Tk. Louis Baker. Lucky Country. Luke Thompson. Lydia Cole. Maaka. Maala. Mae Valley. Majic. Manalion. Map Room, The. Mara TK, Mark Vanilau, Troy Kingi. Mark de Clive-Lowe. Marley Sola. Marvey King. Mary & Buzz. Massad. Matty Warmington. Maya Payne. Mayavanya, Mars. Mayavanya, P-Money, Kalenna Zanders. Mel Parsons. Mel Parsons, Ron Sexsmith. Midge Marsden. Midnight Gallery. Mighty Scoop. Mikey Dam. Mikey Mayz, Darius King. Miloux. Minuit. Miriam Clancy. Mitch James. Motocade. Mr Boinkin & The Kernel MC. Mt Eden, Albi & The Wolves. Mulholland. Mz J, Sam Cowley-Lupo. Naked & Famous, The. Nathan Haines, Damon Albarn. Nesian Mystik. Nick Raven. Nightchoir. No Artificial Flavours. Nomad. Nu-Ray. Nudge, The. OMC, Lucy Lawless. Oakley Grenell, Stauny Pops, JDouble. October. Openside. Opiuo. Opossom. Opshop. Pacific Heights, Deanne Krieg. Paper Cranes. Paquin. Paul McLaney. Physical. Pieter T. Please Please. Plum. Porina. Princess Chelsea. Racing. Ragamuffin Children. Rei. Reinalda. Response, The. Revolver. Ria Hall, Che Fu. Ria Hall, Jagarizzar. Ria Hall, Kings. Ria Hall, Mara Tk. Ria Hall, Spawnbreezie. Riley Richards. Rive. Ruby Frost. Ruby Suns, The. Ruckus Garvey. Ryan Enzed, JW. SJD. Sacha Vee. Sachi, Moonzz. Salmonella Dub. Sarah Wiig. Seth Haapu. Shapeshifter. Shapeshifter vs The Upbeats. Shapeshifter, Ladi6. Shapeshifter, P Digess. She's So Rad. Shihad. Silence The City. Six60. Soljah. Solstate. Sommerset. Sons Of Zion. Sorceress. Sound The Ocean. Space Above. Stan Walker. Stardrunk. State Of Mind, Sacha Vee. Stellar. Steriogram. Steve Cook. Steve Edwards. Street Chant. Streets Of Laredo. Streetwise Scarlet. Stylus. Sweet Vitriol. Tadpole. Tahuna Breaks. Tali. Tama Waipara. Tami Neilson. Teremoana. Tessa McDell, Kings. Theia. These Automatic Changers. These Four Walls. Three Houses Down. Tipene, Majic. Tipene, Prince Tui Teka. Tommy Ill. Tomorrow People. Tomorrow People, Chad Chambers. Toni Huata. Tyree, Stella, Sid Diamond. Urbantramper, French For Rabbits. Veils, The. Verse Two. Victoria Girling-Butcher. Vince Harder, J Williams, K.One. Vince Harder, K.One. Vince Harder, Ryan Enzed. Whenua Patuwai. Whistle Jacket. Whiz Kidz. Willy Moon. Yoko-Zuna. Yoko-Zuna, Tom Scott. Young Lyre. Zed. Zionhill.

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