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Aaradhna. Abby Lee. Adults, The. Age Pryor. All The Colours. Andrew Keoghan. Andrew Papas. Anika Moa. Anna Coddington. Aotearoa Reggae Allstars. Armed In Advance. Ash Graham. Ash Road. Autozamm. Avalanche City. Awa. Awa, Pieter T. Babysitters Circus, The. Baitercell vs Autozamm. Batucada Sound Machine. Baynk. Beach Pegs. Bella Kalolo, Spycc, Inf. Ben Lummis. Benny Tipene. Benny's Videos. Black River Drive. Black Seeds, The. Blacklistt. Bleeders. Bling. Bokeh. Brentwood. Brooke Fraser. Brotha D, Sweet & Irie. Bruce Conlon. Brunettes, The. Brutally Frank. Bulletproof, Rugged Tekniques, Silva MC. CVE. Cairo Knife Fight. Campbell. Carly Binding. Cavell. Chambres. Charlotte Yates. Checks, The. Chelsea Jade. Chong Nee, E Ihaka Whaanga. Chores. Christo. Chromatic, Tali. Ciaran McMeeken. City Of Souls. Clap Clap Riot. Clara Van Wel. Clicks. Coco Solid, Boston Rodriguez, Matron. Cole Johnston. Crumb. Dane Rumble. Dane Rumble, Jupiter Project. Datsuns, The. Dave Dobbyn. David Dallas. Deach, Pieter T. Deach, Ria Hall, Ezra James. Dead Beat Boys. Dead Favours. Definite & Bling. Degrees K. Dei Hamo. Delete Delete. Denel, Denelle Bhagwandhin. Departure Club & Sam Allen, The. Detour 180. Devilskin. Die! Die! Die!. Donell Lewis. Donna Dean. Doqument, David Dallas. Dual. Duchess. Dukes. Dulciana, Little Lapin. Dunes. Earthworm. Easy Hearts, The. Eden Mulholland. Eight. Elemeno P. Exiles, The. FTS, The Horsemen Family. Falter. Fanatics, The. Fazerdaze. Feelers, The. Finlay Tate. Finn Brothers, The. Five Mile Town. Five Star Fallout. Fluid. Foamy Ed. Forty Eight May. Fourth Element. Fredericks Brown. French For Rabbits. Fur Patrol. Giantkilla. Gladius, Ryan Enzed. Glass Owls. Goldenhorse. Goodnight Nurse. Goodshirt. Goon. Graeme James. Great Danes. Harry Parsons. Have, The. Hayley Westenra. Helen Corry. I Am Giant. Ihi. Imagine This, King Kapisi. Impending Adorations, The. Iris G. Israel Starr, Raggadat Cris. J Williams, DJ Lenium. Jae'O. Jamie McDell. Jamie McDell, Rai Thistlethwayte. Jan Hellriegel. Jason Kerrison. Jed, Hera. Jeremy Redmore. Jonathan Bree. Jorge & The Woodcut Crew. Joseph & Maia. Josh Leys. Josh Mac. Junica. Jupiter Project. Jupiter Project & Daniel Richard. Jupiter Project, Jetski Safari, Helen C.. K.One. Katchafire. Katie Thompson. Kaylee Bell. Kids Of 88. Kidz In Space. Kimbra. King Kapisi, Rakaa Iriscience, Dilated. Kings. Kingston. Knives At Noon. Konflikt, Tyree. Korza. LA Women. Ladi6. Ladyhawke. Lake South. Late Night Poets. Late Nyte Hype. Latin Aotearoa. Lazrus. Letesha Campbell. Levi Patel, Suren Unka. Libres, The. Lindon Puffin. Lips. Little Bushman. Little Lapin. Little Oceans. Lizzie Marvelly. Louis Baker. Luke Thompson. Lydia Cole. MC Mas. Maala. Mae Valley. Mahoney Harris. Maree Sheehan. Mareko, Deceptikonz. Mark Vanilau. Massad. Maya Payne. Mel Parsons. Merk. Meterman. Midnight Gallery. Mikey Mayz. Miltones, The. Mint Chicks, The. Minuit. Mitch James. Mixt Frequencies. Moorhouse. Motocade. Mozelee. My Halo. Myele Manzanza. Nadia Reid. Naked & Famous, The. Neo-Kalashnikovs, The. New Vinyl. Nick Raven. Niki Ahu. No Problemos, The. Oceania, Hinewehi Mohi. Oneill Twins, The. Openside. Opossom. Opshop. Orchestra Of Spheres. P-Money, Aaradhna, Talib Kweli. Pacific Heights, Deanne Krieg. Paselode. Paul McLaney. Pearl. Pete Fountain, Jeremy. Phoenix Foundation, The. Physical. Pieter T, Sid Diamond. Pine. Pitch Black. Plastic. Plymouth. Popstrangers. Princess Chelsea. Rabble, The. Rebecca Le Harle. Recloose, Joe Dukie. Rei. Response, The. Rhian Sheehan, Jess Chambers. Riley Richards. Rival State. Ruby Frost. Ryan Enzed, Helen Corry. SJD. Sachi, Duckwrth. Salmonella Dub. Sam Hansen. Sam Hansen, Pieter T. Sam V. Scarfe, Vi Ne. School For Birds. Scribe. Scribe, Tyra Hammond. Seven Tongues. Shakes. Shapeshifter. Shayna King. Shayne P Carter. She's So Rad. Sherpa. Shihad. Simple Day. Sir T, Derty Sesh, Ashley Hughes. Six60. Six60, Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. Skinny Hobos. Skux. Sleepers Union. Smashproof. Smashproof, Get Well. So Below. Soljah. Solomon. Sommerset. Sons Of Zion. Sons Of Zion, Pieter T. Sons Of Zion, Slip-On Stereo. Soulful 7. Sound The Ocean. Stan Walker. Strange Babes. Streets Of Laredo. Streetwise Scarlet. Stylus. Sweet & Irie. Sweet Mix Kids, Vince Harder. Sweet Vitriol. System Corporation. T J Taotua. Tahuna Breaks. Tali. Tama Waipara. Tami Neilson. Taste Nasa. Taye Williams, Drew, Tyree. Ted Brown. These Four Walls. Thom Cross. Titanium. Tommy. Tourist. Trei, Thomas Oliver. Tribalincs. Trick Mammoth. Two Lane Blacktop. Two am Orchestra. Tyna, JB. Tyree, Jae'O. Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Valves, The. Veils, The. Velvet Regime, The. Villainy. Vince Harder. Vince Harder, Moorhouse. WBC, The. Weird Together. Willy Moon. Wyld, The. Yukon Era. Yumi Zouma. Zed. Zen Mantra. Zowie.

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